Haleem opposes possible appointment of Wahab as Karachi administrator.

KARACHI -- Opposition Leader in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh on Sunday opposed the possible move by PPP leadership to appoint Murtaz Wahab as a Karachi administrator.

'This possible decision by PPP rulers will be resisted by all leaders of the political parties and the people of Karachi,' he said in a statement. He said that Murtaza Wahab had already been enjoying two portfolios of law ministries and was earning enough like his other fellows, so any move in that regard would be resisted. Mr Sheikh alleged that he was minister of environment, climate change and coastal development but had miserably failed to take actions against those, who were polluting the water in the river and irrigation canals right from Sukkur to Karachi. 'The industrial, animal, human and all dirts are dumped in Indus River in Sukkur at various places, thus, canals like Begari in Shikarpur, Phuleli in Hyderabad, KB Feeder in Kotri and others across the province were being polluted due unabated dumping of the wastegate and people are everywhere are being forced to drink the highly contaminated and polluted water,' he added. He said that people in every district were forced to drink the contaminated water aftear the advisor Wahab never bothered to take action on those involved in that heinous crime. The PTI leader said that industrial waste from the factories of Hyderabad and Kotri was causing the contamination in the water which was being supplied to the people of Karachi through Keenjhar Lake. He alleged Wahab being the minister of environment and climate change and coastal development department had also done nothing for the devastated coastal belt of the Sindh where the...

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