Hajj pilgrims must meet several conditions before and after arrival in Saudi Arabia.

ISLAMABAD -- Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has issued several guidelines that the Hajj pilgrims must comply with before and upon arrival in Saudi Arabia.

The ministry reminded the pilgrims of the importance of carrying all official documents with them while arriving at the airport in order to complete their travel procedures.

Pilgrims should be careful to keep any electronic devices in baggage that will be taken on board the flights.

The ministry asked the pilgrims to make sure each piece of their luggage that will be shipped is in accordance with approved sizes to guarantee that it will be accepted. They are also advised to put distinctive identifying marks on each piece of luggage before shipping it, Saudi Gazette reported.

As for prohibited items when traveling by air, it is forbidden to carry plastic bags, water bottles and liquid materials, unwrapped and untied baggage. Boxes that are wrapped and covered with fabric are also banned.

Upon their arrival to Saudi Arabia, pilgrims must disclose cash or precious items in their possession if their value exceeds...

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