Habib University Hosts First Ever Literature Festival.

KARACHI -- Habib University's Araaish e Khayal Club hosted its first ever Literature Festival on 22November 2019. The name for the festival, Sareer e Khama, literally translates into the sound of a pen and the word is derived from Mirza Ghalib's poetry: This event provided a platform for students and academics to promote our literary heritage and cultural roots through an evening with distinguished authors, artists and fellow creatives. The club's aim to express, share, and promote Urdu literature was manifested, and extended, in the festival's incorporation of literature produced in various languages to encompass the interests of all literary enthusiasts.

This student-led initiative featured creatives from different walks of life; from within the Habib community and outside, engaging in intellectually stimulating discourses and connecting with literature. The students and alumni of Habib University curated these insightful discussions. Gatherings for the event were held on many locations at the Habib University campus including the lecture hall, classrooms, and the H. M Habib Auditorium with a turnout of over 250...

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