Gwadar - an emerging tourist attraction.


Byline: Naghmana Zafar

Private sector initiatives impressive projects towards coastal tourism

Tourism is the most important and fastest growing economic activity occurring in the sea. According to the international surveys and statistics, domestic tourism means local visitors, represents 71.2% of all tourism spending in 2018. The trend had depicted a strongest growth rate in coming years. It is believed that domestic or native/national tourism will continue to support opportunities of growth in travel and hospitality industry, and will bring economic benefits for locals. While we envisage the prosperous future of Gwadar, as an emerging maritime hub, the need for hotels, clubs, decent food and recreational spaces at affordable prices is all we need to promote tourism along the coast. Although the government agencies and related institutions seem motivated for expansion of coastal and maritime tourism in the country, some private sector investors have launched impressive projects to render these key facilities at heart of Balochistan in Gwadar.

These initiatives not only reflect the opportunities availble in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry, but are real manifestation of high hopes and trust we have with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects.

The very first beach resort and club along the Makran Coast known as Gwadar Club is an inspiring example to be followed by local investors. It is the first ever corporate tourism, trade and hospitality facility with blue and green Sea water with golden sand beaches of the Arabian Sea located right in front of new the Gwadar Airport. The entire project is spread over 50 acres of land; which includes a five-star hotel, a trade centre, and an expo centre. It has been designed under the guidance of Malaysian experts to make to tourism friendly accommodation place. The project also aims to develop water sports and park facility with provision of boating, rowing, sea surfing, sailing and yacht.

International surveys and studies on the subject of travel, tourism and hospitality have identified the safety, security, health and hygiene conditions, financial viability and exposure to the indigenous culture, as key factors that act as catalyst for...

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