Growers, civil society activists demand restoration of natural waterway.

MIRPURKHAS -- Speakers at a seminar held in Jhuddo town demanded the government restore natural waterway of Puran Dhoro to its original shape and upgrade sub-drains of the Left Bank Outfall Drain to ensure floodwaters drained out at a faster pace and the district was saved from floods in future.

Growers, political leaders, social activists and notables, who participated in the seminar from talukas of Jhuddo, Tando Bago and Digri, including Qazi Rahim Bux Sand, Qazi Karamullah and Mohammad Bux Kapri, said at the moot organised by civil society at a private lawn in the town the other day that the area had faced flooding thrice within a span of a decade thanks to mismanagement and inefficiency of district administration.

They said that it was hence a purely manmade disaster, and deplored that Puran Dhoro and Hakro river used to carry rainwater smoothly but unfortunately people narrowed their bed at different places and obstructed the flows by creating hurdles and illegal encroachments.

They said that the administration depended on the LBOD drains for releasing floodwater but the faulty drains had limited capacity for water. As a result, flood hit the area and...

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