UK Intellectual Property Office grants trade mark '3aday' to GEMS MENASA IPCO (Cayman) Limited


London: GEMS MENASA IPCO (Cayman) Limited, has been granted trademark (UK00003057235) titled as "3aday" from the UK Intellectual Property Office.Status: RegisteredClass/es: Class 9Computer software; computer firmware; computer multimedia programs; downloadable computer programs; application software designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and/or other mobile devices; computer software for use in and/or to enable uploading, downloading, accessing, posting, transmitting, receiving, blogging, streaming, linking, sharing, entering, editing, extracting, encoding, decoding, playing, storing, viewing, tagging, providing, searching and/or organizing text, data, images, audio files and/or video files; computer software, firmware and/or multimedia programs for use in the field of education services; application software to enable access and/or exchange of information about the education and/or development of specific children in a school environment; computer software to enable users to program and distribute audio, video, text and/or other multimedia content via communications networks in the field of education services; downloadable electronic publications; software for transmitting and/or receiving communications; any of the aforesaid relating to education and/or educational information and/or training and/or child development and/or schools and/or recreational matters.Class 38Data transmission and/or instant messaging services.Class 41Educational services; training services; consultancy services; entertainment services; presentation of live performances; sporting and/or cultural activities; the provision of educational assistance; the provision of information relating to education and/or child development; the provision of information about specific children's education, development and/or activities; the provision of information about pupil and/or school events; educational examination services; managing schools; boarding schools; independent schools; nursery schools; holiday camp services (entertainment); summer schools (education and/or training); mentoring (education and/or training); academic mentoring; vocational guidance (education and/or training advice); coaching (education and/or training); personal development courses and/or training; sign language interpretation; foreign language tuition; providing sports facilities; providing sports training and/or coaching...

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