Govt to table draft Alternative and Renewable Energy Policy in CCI meeting.


Islamabad -- The government has decided to table the draft Alternative and Renewable Energy Policy 2019 to the next CCI meeting after Sindh objected the non-inclusion of the policy in the agenda of the council's meeting. 'It is feared that any unilateral or hasty attempt to introduce the draft ARE Policy 2019 directly in the CCI without prior consultation with the Government of Sindh and incorporation of its views in the summary and the draft policy may ruin the very purpose of the new ARE Policy 2019,' said Chief Minister of the Sindh in a letter to the PM of Pakistan.

The meeting of the Council of Common Interest was scheduled on December 11,2019, however the draft Renewable Energy policy was not incorporated in the agenda which was objected by the government of Sindh. The meeting was postponed and now a new agenda has been issued and the Alternative and Renewable Energy Policy 2019 Power Division ('ARE Policy 2019') has been included in the agenda. The meeting is now scheduled for December 23, 2019 with expanded agenda. The agenda items have been increased from 16 to 23 items.

In a letter to the PM Imran Khan, Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah said that it has come to our notice that that Alternate Energy Development Board Ministry of Energy (Power Division) would present the draft Alternate and Renewable Energy (ARE) Policy 2019 before the next CCI meeting schedule on December 11, 2019.

The letter said Para 4 and 5. Schedule II, the Rules of Procedure of the Council of Common Interests, 2010 prescribe a detailed manner of submission of cases to the Council wherein the summary for the CCI shall first be shared with the provinces and in case of difference of opinion, the point of difference should be stated in the Summary. Moreover, the Provinces should furnish their comments or views on the summaries for the CCI...

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