Govt showed patience during PTI violence: state minister.

SARGODHA -- State Minister for Industries and Production Tasneem Ahmed Qureshi has said all leaders of political parties remained in prisons in different case in the past but their followers did not resort to violence.

Talking to reporter here on Saturday, he said all political leaders faced their cases but did not violate the rules and regulations as well as the Constitution of Pakistan. However, he regretted that when Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf was arrested by law-enforcers in a corruption case, his party activists carried out violent protests and damaged national assets and sensitive installations. He said the coalition government exhibited patience while dealing with violent acts of the PTI workers and leaders.

He regretted that during Imran Khan's detention, his workers attacked different state and private institutions including Army buildings, and Radio Pakistan and APP offices in Peshawar in sheer violation of the law. He said the PTI leaders and workers challenged the writ of the state. He said...

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