Govt scheme pilgrims laud 'Pak-Saudi initiatives' for comfortable stay.

Madinah Munawwarah -- The intending pilgrims of government Hajj scheme in Madinah have expressed their appreciation for the initiatives undertaken by the Saudi government and the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony to ensure their comfort during their stay.

In an interview with the Associated Press of Pakistan , Habibullah, a participant in the scheme, expressed immense satisfaction with the comprehensive facilities provided by the Ministry of Religious Affairs, including food, accommodation, transportation, and medical care.

He praised the excellent care received by the pilgrims and suggested that the Moavineen (helpers) should undergo enhanced professional training to better assist them.

During an interaction in Madinah, another participant named Muhammad Altaf Qaisrani from Dera Ghazi Khan, who is also partaking in Hajj under the government scheme, expressed great satisfaction with the facilities provided by the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

He particularly appreciated the prompt transfer of the amount paid for the sacrifice. The facilities, including transportation, accommodation, food, and medical care, were readily available to the Hujjaj.

Pakistani pilgrims are well taken care of Khan Muhammad, an educationist, added that continuous transport services are provided to the Hujjaj round the clock.

"The four-star accommodation with comfortable rooms is a testament to the government's Hajj package, which not only offers affordability but also...

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