Govt raises average sale price of RLNG by up to $0.1768/mmBtu.

ISLAMABAD -- The government on Thursday slightly raised the average sale price of re: gasified liquefied natural gas (RLNG) by up to $0.1768 (1.3 percent) per mmBtu for the consumers of both the Sui companies for May 2023. According to notification issued by OGRA, RLNG price for SNGPL consumers was increased by $0.1681/mmBtu, while for SSGC clients, prices have been jacked up by $0.1768/mmBtu) over the previous month (April 2023).

OGRA issued its determined RLNG weighted average sale provisional price notice and set RLNG prices at $13.3997/mmBtu for the consumers of SNGPL and $13.6569/mmBtu for SSGC consumers. According to the data, in May 2022, the RLNG price in the local market was the highest ($21.8317/mmBtu for SNGPL and $23.7873/mmBtu for SSGC) since Pakistan started importing LNG in 2015. Following a declining trend of four months, this is the first increase, which will also jack up the power generation cost from RLNG based power plants. It is worth to note that in January, RLNG prices were decreased by up to 2.2 percent, followed by a reduction of 4.3 percent in February and 3.16 percent in March, and in April it was reduced by 0.47...

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