Govt patronage sought for promotion of Pashto language.

KARAK -- A local literary organisation has demanded government patronage for promotion of Pashto language.

The demand was made at a meeting of Tulu Adabi Sanga Jengeri here on Sunday with Dr Misal Khan Khattak in the chair.

The meeting decided to publish a book on the collective works of all the member poets of the Abadi Sanga to promote the Pashto language in the area.

On the occasion, Dr Mishal Khan said it was their national obligation to work for promotion of Pashto language. He said Pashto was not limited only to Pashtu poetry but many noted personalities had done classic works in Pashto prose as well.

He said the Adabi Sanga would inform the new generation about the history of the Pashto language.

He regretted that there was no patronage on part of the government to promote Pashto and other regional languages.

It was pathetic that majority of the speakers of Pashto could not even read and write it.

He resolved to work for promotion of the language to give it its due status in the society. He stated that no development was possible without the promotion of the mother tongues.

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