Govt heads toward making its institutions self sufficient: Murad Saeed.


ISLAMABAD -- Federal Minister for Communications, Murad Saeed Wednesday said the institutions working under his ministry were heading toward self-sufficiency through following merit and transparency in every aspect.

He was speaking at a seminar titled "Challenges to Enforcement on National Highways and Motorways" arranged by National Highways and Motorway Police here.

The federal minister said National Highways Authority (NHA) had increased its revenue by 52% in the first fiscal year proceeding toward self sufficiency and it would achieve the target of increasing revenue up to Rs 100 billion soon which would be spent on the welfare of common people.

During the first financial year, his ministry did not get any grant from the government and continued its projects in limited resources.

After five years, the NHA will soon be able to build roads and motorways with its own money.

With expansion of motorways, the process of new inductions had also been started, he added.

He said more motorways would be constructed in the coming days and 1275 km of new roads would be built.

He assured to follow merit and transparency in his ministry and said " we came into politics for a cause which was to make Pakistan a welfare state and its institutions self sufficient."

Speaking on the occasion, Murad Saeed said majority of the institutions of the country were in a deficit when the government came into power.

The present government had chosen a difficult task of making the country economically stable first which required hard work, selflessness and dedication.

Speaking about the recent government initiatives, he said Kamyab Jawan programme would serve as catalyst for providing job opportunities to the youth.

The Insaaf Sehat Card is providing free medical treatment to the poor segments worth up to Rs 720,000 annually.

He said the government had earmarked Rs 192 billion for the Ehsas program which reflected its seriousness toward welfare of common people.

Speaking about Fazlur Rehman protest call, Murad Saeed said when we talked about giving opportunities to 2.5 million seminary children, Fazlur Rehman stood up.

He said "Fazlur Rahman does not know why he is coming to Islamabad. He is coming for Islamabad, not for Islam".

Fazlur Rehman as the chairman of the Kashmir Committee never spoke about Kashmir.

Murad Saeed said he was working hard to save...

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