Govt gets six names from GHQ for army's top rank.

ISLAMABAD -- After the government spent Tuesday trying to dispel the impression of a deadlock with the military over the appointment of a new army chief, the military confirmed late night that it had dispatched the summary to the defence ministry.

Although multiple ministers spent the day denying the impression that the summary had been received by the PM Office - Defence Minister Khawaja Asif even tweeted as much around 11pm after multiple TV appAearances - the brief missive from Inter-Services PubAlic Relations simply stated: 'GHQ has forwarded the summary for Selection of CJCSC and COAS, containing names of 6 senior most Lt Gens, to MoD.'

Although the communique did not mention which six names have been forwarded, it is believed that the six men currently in the running to be the next chief of army staff are (in order of seniority) Lt Gen Asim Munir (currently Quarter Master General), Lt Gen Sahir Shamshad Mirza (Commander 10 Corps), Lt Gen Azhar Abbas (Chief of General Staff), Lt Gen Nauman Mehmood (NDU PresiAdent), Lt Gen Faiz Hamid (Commander BahaAwalpur Corps), and Lt Gen Mohammad Amir (ComAmander Gujranwala Corps).

Earlier, participating in a TV talk show, Mr Asif said there were no differences between the army and government and the concerns being expressed by various quarters in that regard were unfounded.

After rumours and denials, army says summary for appointment of next chief sent to defence ministry; ISPR release mentions no names

A day earlier, several PML-N leaders, including forAmer prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, had indicated that the army was impeding the process.

But the defence minister said he had conveyed to Mr Abbasi that his concerns would be allayed. A senior PML-N leader told Dawn on Tuesday that the delay in the submission of the summary could undAerAmine the government and leave the process open to speAculaAtion and legal challenges.

PM Shehbaz Sharif is, moreover, expected to hold a consultation with Gen Bajwa on Thursday on the selection of his successor. It is a...

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