Govt endeavors to promote entrepreneurship culture.

ISLAMABAD -- The government is taking inclusive steps to create a business-conducive environment to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and promote entrepreneurship culture in the country.

'Ministry of Information Technology is providing an enabling environment to all stakeholders of the startup ecosystem to promote startup culture and attract FDI', said an official of the ministry of IT.

During the last year, he said not only the production of major crops but also the export of IT and IT enabled services increased significantly. Pakistan's IT sector contributes about 1 percent to the Gross Domestic Product, which is about US$3.5 billion.

Talking about the performance and achievements of the Ministry, he said, investment in Pakistani startups is skyrocketing, and Pakistani startups have raised approximately US$ 373 million, which is about 5 times bigger than US$ 75 million investments as of last year.

Through DG Skills programs, 2 million youth are being trained in various high-tech courses related to freelancing online. Now its phase two has also started.

According to a State Bank report, he said, freelancing exports have reached 396 million dollars with an increase of 85%.

Under the National Incubation Programs, 111,000 jobs have been created and memorandums have been signed for investment of Rs. 9.46 billion while revenue of Rs 4.47 billion have been generated.

Over 2000 employment opportunities were created under the Tech Innovation Grants while around Rs. 700 million of investment...

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