Govt announce to make ADR Mediation Accreditation (Eligibility) Rules 2023.

ISLAMABAD -- In the exercise of powers conferred by section 25(1) read with section 4(1) and other relevant provisions of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Act 2017, the federal government is pleased to make the ADR Mediation Accreditation (Eligibility) Rules 2023.

According to the notification issued by the Ministry of Law and Justice here on Tuesday, the words and expressions used but not defined in these rules would bear the meanings given thereto in the Alternative Dispute Resolution Act, 2017.

The notification stated that an ADR Centre providing mediation services or a mediator would be eligible for accreditation where the end-to-end mediation process framework by which it proclaimed to be bound.

The framework administered or recommended by an organisation listed in the annexe to these rules and is adopted by the ADR Centre or mediator, with the permission of the organisation, if required, or developed by itself and is found by the accreditation committee to be confirmed in material aspects to the frameworks of the organisations referred to in the annexe to these rules, it added.

The notification stated that in either of the cases, the applicant will sign a bond in favor of and in the form specified by the accreditation committee undertaking to remain...

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