Government to Include Health, Hygiene in Curricula to Address Population Growth.

ISLAMABAD -- Caretaker Federal Health Minister, Dr. Nadeem Jan, announced the government's plan to introduce health, hygiene, and nutrition education in school curricula. This initiative aims to raise awareness about these vital aspects from a young age.

Dr. Nadeem made this announcement at a women's convention on "Family Planning and Population," organized by the Population Programme Wing (PPW) of the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations, and Coordination.

The minister emphasized that the primary objective of the convention was to educate women, especially in rural areas, about population issues and family planning.

Dr. Nadeem addressed the alarming population growth rate in Pakistan, which adds approximately 6.1 million individuals annually, exceeding the total population of some countries.

He stressed the need to manage the growing population's pressure on resources and the economy through family-level, community-level, and national-level population stabilization and management.

He recommended integrating health, population, and nutrition into the federal and provincial education curricula to enhance their synergy, drawing inspiration from Iran's family...

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