Google pays tribute to renowned Saudi writer Abdul Rahman Munif on his birthday.

ISLAMABAD -- In a heartfelt gesture, the popular search engine 'Google' has honored the world-renowned Saudi writer and novelist Abdul Rahman Munif by creating a captivating Google Doodle on the occasion of his birthday.

Saudi Press Attache Dr. Naif Al-Otaibi shared this momentous doodle on his Twitter handle paying tribute to Munif, known as a literary genius in contemporary Arabic literature who has made significant contributions to the literary world with his compelling prose. and s=08

The doodle displayed by Google serves as a commemoration of the influential novelist, journalist, and cultural critic Abdul Rahman Munif, and expresses its gratitude to his invaluable contributions to Arab literature and his insightful analysis of socio-political issues.

The enchanting Google Doodle can be witnessed in numerous countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, and Morocco. This widespread visibility ensures that Munif's exceptional talent and literary impact are recognized and celebrated across borders.

Google's tribute also offered a glimpse into the life of the celebrated writer Abdul Rahman Munif was born to Saudi parents in 1933 in Amman, Jordan, where he completed his education from elementary school to university level. Following his early education, Munif's thirst for knowledge led him to Iraq, where he pursued a degree in law at Baghdad University.

Continuing his educational journey, he traveled to Egypt and obtained a higher education degree from Cairo University.

Driven by ambition and a hunger for knowledge, Munif's dedication paid off when he earned a Ph.D in petroleum economics from the prestigious University of Belgrade in 1961. Beginning his career as an economist in the oil industry in Baghdad, he later served in oil ministries in Syria and within the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

During his time in Iraq, Munif held the esteemed position of editor...

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