Google Fired Nearly 50 Employees for Sexual Misconduct Since 2016, Employees Walked Off the Job Worldwide


New York Times bombshell article on October 25th claimed Andy "Father of Android" Rubin forced one of his subordinates to perform a sex act and also received a $90 million golden parachute when the company found out about the sexual assault accusations. Google CEO Sundar Pichai admits that sexual harassment at the company goes beyond this one incident and 48 other employees have had their employments terminated, including 13 mid-level executives. But said none of them received a severance package, unlike Andy Rubin.

The CEO sent an all-hands email to the company on October 25th, in response to the NYT report. In it, Pichai does not confirm or deny that Rubin was protected by the company when charges of sexual misconduct came to light and given a generous severance package to make a quiet exit from the company.

Google employees walkout

Days after a NYT bombshell investigative article revealed accusations of sexual misconduct, thousands of Google employees worldwide walked out in protest from their jobs on November 1 by leaving their desks at 11 a.m. The organizers behind the protest said that more than 17,000 Google employees took part in the walkout in what appeared to the first coordinated global walkout at a major tech firm. The protest, which organiser Claire Stapleton said, was a "grassroots, groundswell movement."

As employees walked out, Google CEO Sundar Pichai apologized again for how it handled sexual misconduct allegations: "We didn't...

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