Going loco for local Nirvana Botanics' Whipped Moisture Cream is a real star.

I'm going to preface this by saying I love thick moisturisers that aren't too thick. I know it sounds redundant but hear me out. I believe a moisturiser should be thick enough to give you the moisture you need but not too thick that it's sliding off your face and making you feel like you've dipped your face in an oil well. Enter Nirvana Botanics' Whipped Moisture Cream.

We were sent a free of charge package containing some of Nirvana Botanics' products and the one that really stood out was the cream. The packaging is adorable (it comes packaged in a lavender box and the jar itself is heavy glass with a rose gold lid) but I wasn't too sure when I opened the cream. To start with, the smell (a lavender camomile mix) was so overpowering that I wasn't sure I would be able to get through the day with it on my face. But I eventually got used to the smell and my concerns were laid to rest.

This cream is a real star, don't be fooled by the look (and smell of it). For some reason, the cream doesn't look as if the ingredients have all been mixed together properly - it's not as smooth as I'm used to seeing creams look. But once you touch it, your concerns will be allayed - it's as whipped as advertised.

The cream itself is thick. When I first put it on, I was internally screaming at myself for putting something so thick on my face and possibly causing a breakout but it proved itself and my skin was fine. To me - someone with combination-oily skin - this is...

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