Global Shield Fund.

It appears that some promising developments came out of the 27th Conference of Parties (COP 27), held this year in Egypt. One of the major achievements is that of the development of the Global Shield Fund, which aims to align behind vulnerable counAtries' 'strategies for closing protection gaps using a broad range of appropriate instruments'. Pakistan is one of the seven countries-called the 'pathfinder countries', which are the recipients of this funding. Other recipients are Bangladesh, Costa Rica, Fiji, Ghana, the Philippines and Senegal.

This funding has been distributed mostly due to our efforts at arAguing how the high rates of emissions by countries in the North are partly responsible for the disasters faced by the Global South, such as the devastating floods in Pakistan. It is almost unanimousAly agreed by all scholars, scientists and leaders that climate change played a huge part in increasing the frequency and strength of floods. As many as 33 million people in Pakistan nation have been affected in some way by the monsoon floods that swept away housAes, roads, railways and bridges and submerged around 4 million acres of farmland. This funding can go a long...

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