Girls school in Hasankhel subdivision to reopen after 7 years.


PESHAWAR -- The Government Girls Higher Secondary School Samand Khan Killi in sub-division Hasankhel, Kandao Mashukhel, which was destroyed during militancy in 2012, will be reopened after seven years. A teacher of the school told local paper that some officials of the Independent Monitoring Unit (IMU) came few days ago and sought data of the school, but they did not tell when they will shift them to the school building. She said security personnel also came two days ago and they said they are going to vacate the school building within few days.

At present, the girl students attend their classes under the open sky. Local sources said it was initially a primary school which was built in 1984 after which it was upgraded to high level in 1990 and higher secondary level in 2005. During militancy, the...

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