Get to know yourself better.

Have you ever wondered how you fail to complete your test or an exam in time, when all others do it within the stipulated time? Why sometimes you can't decide what to wear and what to eat or even where to go, when provided with two options at the same time? Sometimes you feel unloved or low confidence and feel like I can't do stuff like others do and the list goes on.

Do you want to be among the students who are very good at time management, are able to make quick decisions like others, and who are easy going and confident by learning the trick of trade?

The secret skill that makes others standout and you feeling lost is the 'self-awareness' skill. Self -awareness is knowing oneself better. It may also mean that knowing our personality or individuality is self-awareness.

Let me make it simple for you to understand. It is:

Knowing what we like and dislike,

Knowing what others like and dislike,

Knowing what makes us angry or why we do something what we do,

Knowing our life choices or food we eat, the profession we want to choose etc.

Knowing how your words or actions affect other people around you.

How being self-aware can help us succeed

On a personal level: If you are a self-aware individual, you can think clearer and better, learn more from your past experiences, do more good, feel more for others, understand yourself and others better. Who would not want to be able to do all such stuff?

Nothing is more essential than to know yourself well and make the most out of your life. Having a better understanding of yourself is like having the ability to explore endless options in life for success.

On the academic level: Self-awareness in the process of studies is also pertinent, as being a self-aware student, you will comprehend the best ways in which you can grasp the concepts in class, memorise your lessons well and at a pace at which you can be an avid learner.

Having self-awareness will help you sustain your focus on your goals, prioritising homework over other activities. Also it would help you to figure out which subject to study first, and to finish work in due course of time, including to check your answer sheet or assignment before handing over it to the teacher to avoid mistakes and secure a position in class

On the social level: Being self-aware will help you socialise in a better fashion and be of help to others around us as well.

When you understand yourself better, it's easier for you to build positive self-esteem. Then making...

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