Geo: Fencing Data.

On Thursday, it was reported that the Punjab police is claiming that its investigation has revealed that former PM Imran Khan and his close aides allegedly coordinated efforts to storm the residence of the Lahore corps commander and other buildings. This was something that the government was asserting as well, and apparently the use of geo: fencing technology has confirmed these claims. While those responsible should be held accountable, it is imperative that there is infallible evidence to prove this beyond doubt, and that no decisions are taken in haste motivated by political vengeance.

According to reports, the police detected over 400 calls made by the PTI chairman and other senior leaders to allegedly incite party workers to move towards the military officer's residence in Lahore Cantt, and other sensitive public buildings. Based on the geo: fencing report, the police are claiming that all the rioters were in contact with the PTI top leadership based in Zaman Park.

Six prominent PTI leaders have been named and are being accused of issuing 'particular instructions to the rioters'. These are serious allegations and given the rhetoric from the government, these individuals could be on the receiving end of heavy punishments. However, there are questions being...

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