Geneva moot to focus on flood damage today.

ISLAMABAD -- As PakisAtan still reels from the impact of disastrous floods which submerged more than one-third of the country, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif arrived in Geneva to co-host the 'International Conference on Climate Resilient Pakistan' alongside UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Monday (today).

The purpose of the moot - to be attended by heads of state and government and other stakeholders - is to marshal international support to rehabilitate the population affected by super floods and reconstruct damaged infrastructure in a climate-resilient manner.

The day-long conference will have two-fold objectives, during which the 'Resilient Recovery, Rehabilitation, and ReconsAtruction Framework' (4RF) will be launched. The framework comprises institutional, financial and implementation arrangements for the post-flood recovery, besides international support to forge long-term partnerships to achieve climate resilience.

The first part of the conference will feature high-level opening segments co-chaired by PM Sharif and Mr Guterres, with the official launch of 4RF, and partner support announcements. At this stage, donors and other partners are expected to outline support and funding commitment to the 4RF.

The second part of the conference will explore concrete ways to build long-term climate resilience and adaptation, including the articulation of provincial perspectives. There will be a joint press stakeout by Mr Sharif and Mr Guterres at the end of the preliminary session in addition to a luncheon.

4RF rebuilding plan

There will be a presentation of the conference outcomes in form of a co-chairs' summary and announcement of an International Partner Group, comprising interested UN member states, as a follow-up to the conference.

The 4RF, Pakistan's strategic policy document is a follow-up document to the government-led Post-Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) that was prepared with the help of global institutions. As per the PDNA estimates, total damages and economic losses top $30 billion while needs for rehabilitation and resilient reconstruction are assessed at over $16 billion.

The 4RF will form the basis for the government's comprehensive disaster recovery plans. It presents sequenced priorities across sectors around four strategic recovery objectives (SRO), a policy framework, a financing strategy, and implementation and monitoring arrangements.

The 4RF is a critical starting point to that transformational measures are taken for...

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