Generation is collaborating with the leading ladies of Joyland for their winter collection.

If you needed more reasons to be excited for the release of internationally acclaimed Pakistani film Joyland, look no further - it has joined hands with clothing brand Generation for an exciting new collaboration.

On Thursday, the clothing brand shared a photo of Sarwat Gilani, Alina Khan and Rasti Farooq donning glimmering Generation outfits and wrote, 'Joyistan is a peek into our offerings for this winter festive season, where we celebrate the fantasy and razzle dazzle of cinema with the leading ladies dressed and presented as fantastical beings.'

Adding each cast member's dress details, they revealed that Gilani was 'dazzling' here in their Kashmir ka Sunyara Frock priced Rs9898. Khan was in their Tales of Persia Dress for Rs24,998 and Farooq in their Kashmir ka Sunyara two-piece priced Rs14,998.

They said that their winter festive collections will go live online on November 11 adding that Saim Sadiq's Joyland...

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