GABRIEL INSTITUTE, INC.(Texas) applies for US Patent titled as 'Delivery system for injections throughout zone of body'


ALEXANDRIA, Va: United States Patent and Trademark Office has received an application no. 20170224260 for US Patent, published on August 13, 2017, by GABRIEL INSTITUTE, INC.(Texas), titled as "Delivery system for injections throughout zone of body" for the registration of patent.Inventors:Stearns; Stanley D.; (Houston, TX) ; Loy, JR.; H. Max; (Houston, TX) ; Davis; Donald G.; (Baton Rough, LA)Applicant: GABRIEL INSTITUTE, INC.HoustonTXAccording to the abstract released by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office: "A dispensing device which disperses medicate through a needle across a zone within a body. The device includes a needle which is, during use, becomes encapsulated within a tubular needle-receiving member, a reservoir in fluid communication with the needle, positioned within the housing, and in...

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