G.purevdagva: We'll Show Who is Your Friend



Mongolian pop opera group Uvertura is set to perform a musical titled "Nadad Uldsen Naiz" from January 22 to 24 at the State Academic Theater of Drama.

Below is an interview the group's leader G.Purevdagva.

When did you decide to perform a musical?

Uvertura pop opera group was established in 2009. At the time, we discussed our future objectives and goals, such as albums, solo concerts with an orchestra, and a musical. We have been talking about performing a musical for seven years. Last year, we decided to make it reality. Then we offered to work with Mill Film Studio. The director and writer of the studio agreed to the offer, and we started rehearsing in September 2015.

What is the main concept of the musical?

We will show what real friendship is through the musical. Of course, everyone faces sadness and happiness. But we'll show how friends overcome those issues. Words of a friend and an acquaintance have different meanings. We'll show that difference. Our audiences will find an answer for this question: Who can I consider a friend?

How many songs will you sing during the musical? Will there be new songs?

We won't sing old songs. We will sing new songs at the musical. We haven't released any new songs in 2015, because Uvertura was very much focused on the musical.

Can you tell us who will play in the musical?

We are cooperating with Mill Film Studio and Anir Studio. B.Munkhbat of Mill wrote a script for the musical and G.Lkhagvajargal is directing. Actresses of the State Academic Theater of Drama Ts.Bayasgalan and...

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