G-20 conference in Srinagar failed due to Pakistan's successful foreign policy: Abdullah.

ISLAMABAD -- Chairman Tehreek-e-Jawanaan Pakistan (TJP) Mohammad Abdullah Hameed Gul on Monday said the hosting of G-20 conference in Srinagar by India failed due to Pakistan's successful foreign policy.

The TJP chairman while commenting on the G-20 Conference hosted in the disputed territory of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) said that under the shadow of guns, the whole valley was barricaded by confining the innocent Kashmiris within the houses to hold the summit.

Abdullah Gul said after the refusal of two important member countries namely Turkey and China to participate in the moot turned India's nefarious designs to ashes.

He said that the delegations of Indonesia and Egypt...

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