Funds sought for rehabilitation of Chitral infrastructure.

CHITRAL -- People of Upper Chitral have expressed their dismay over failure of the government to rehabilitate irrigation and water supply infrastructure as well as roads and bridges which had been swept away by flash floods in 2015.

Tahaffuz-i-Huqooq Upper Chitral general secretary Parven Laal said that the chief minister had assured the local leaders during his visit to the district in August last of the rehabilitation work, but it could not be started as yet.

He said that work on the rehabilitation of many of the projects could only be carried out during winter season.

He said that the funds should be released immediately to build flood protection walls in order to save the roads and villages, as these would be vulnerable to floods in the coming summer.

Mr Laal said that complete erosion of Booni Road into the river in Reshun village is imminent if the time was wasted now and it would culminate in the disconnection of the district from...

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