Fuel subsidy relief package- a timely measure to provide respite to inflation-stricken people.

ISLAMABAD -- The relief package worth Rs. 28 billion introduced by the present government to lessen the impact of increased fuel prices on the low income groups was indeed a timely measure to provide respite to the inflation-stricken people.

The government of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif had to increase the prices of petroleum products to help the country's ailing economy owing to the ineffective past policies of the past.

The Sasta Petrol/Diesel scheme introduced for the first time in the history of the country by any government to provide Rs 2000 to the 14 million families (over all 90 million people approximately) in wake of increased fuel prices to improve the country's economic indicators.

Hailed as a timely measure to provide the much-needed respite, the payment process under the Sasta Petrol/Sasta Diesel scheme, being executed by the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), is continuing successfully across the country. Till July 22 (Friday), over Rs 12 billion have been disbursed among 6,138,455 beneficiaries under the Sasta Petrol/Sasta Diesel Scheme.

As per the provincial breakdown of the payments, an amount of Rs 114,262,000 has been disbursed among 57,131 beneficiaries in Azad Jammu Kashmir, Rs. 492,408,000 among 246,204 beneficiaries in Balochistan, Rs. 97,970,000 among 48,985 beneficiaries in Gilgit-Baltistan and Rs 4,610,000 among 2305 beneficiaries in Islamabad.

A total of Rs 2,273,654,000 has been disbursed among 1,136,827 beneficiaries in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Rs 5,558,310,000 among 2,779,155 beneficiaries in Punjab, Rs 3,735,696,000 among 1,867,848 beneficiaries in Sindh.

According to the beneficiaries, the scheme providing Rs 2000 as fuel subsidy is although not enough amount to counter the effects of over-all inflation on poor but a good initiative on the part of the government to minimize at least the impacts of increased petrol prices.

Talking to reporter, Anjuman, a beneficiary belonged to Islamabad said, 'It is very difficult for the poor people like us to manage our living expenses in the prevailing price hike situation.In such situation, the fuel subsidy amount being provided by the government is a big relief for my family to meet the daily expenses'.

About the payment mechanism, Anjuman said that she had just received the amount of fuel subsidy from the One Window Center in Islamabad where the staff is very helpful and provided proper guidance to the beneficiaries.

Another beneficiary, Nazeeran Mai who belonged from...

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