From The Past Pages Of Dawn: 1972: Fifty Years Ago: 'Dawn' slated by official.

ISLAMABAD -- An official spokesman today [Nov 21] said ... that some people of Pakistan seem to have the impression that the Acting Editor (of 'Dawn') reflects official thinking on some aspects of our external relations. 'This is not only untrue but it is the very opposite of the real situation,' he said. ...[D]eploring the sentence of life imprisonment imposed on Dr A.M. Malik by the Dacca authorities, the spokesman said, 'equally deplorable in this context is the role now being played by certain elements and groups, notably the 'Dawn' group of newspapers.'

... 'The Government of Pakistan strongly deplores the slanderous statements of the 'Dawn' group of newspapers about the Armed Forces of Pakistan. Criticism of the Generals' Junta immediately after the surrender in Dacca might have some justification. The...

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