From Fouzia to Soha: Rabab Hashim has lived up every expectation.


KAEACHI -- As 2019 is nearing to its end, there are some faces that have stuck with the audiences because of some memorable performances. Among them is RababHashim- an aspiring actress who has made her name in quite a small period of time. She has attractive looks, captivating allure, peerless talent, and her hard work has led her from a child star to becoming one of the most bankable actors of the industry today.

Ever since her foray into acting, she has been undertaking a lot of challenging roles that are a demonstration of her acting flair on screen. Rabab has also made some interesting choices over the years, generally giving preference to contextual scripts - such as Na Kaho Tum MerayNahin - even if the character has negative glooms. Though Rabab is mostly seen in sweet and naive roles, her recent choice of work has stood her into the top most versatile actresses on the screen.

Her exceptional work in the megahit serial 'Kamzarf' became the talk of the town, where she portrayed the character of Fouzia, who was a self-sufficient yet caring girl and belonged to an under-privileged background. Luck got her married to a prejudiced husband. The class difference and no...

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