From Beijing to Islamabad: The Cultural Integration under the Background of China Pakistan Economic Corridor.


Byline: Tang Jun

  1. Introduction

    The entire history of human civilizations is a mixture of multiculturalism. The globalized world has also made significant changes in conventional wisdom of trade, economic, traditional linkages there it has also created different linkages from which multi cultures could interact on different platforms. The idea of the Belt and Road(BandR) is a new approach towards multiculturalism on the pattern of Old Silk Road.

    The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is an initiative towards attaining "Greater Connectivity" through roads, railways and maritime routes between Beijing and Islamabad which is also one of the economic corridors from other then six economic corridors of BandR as well as a win-win cooperation for the 76 nations of the world.

    Pakistan is a country of diverse cultures, traditions with almost 73 different dialects. CPEC also said to be a combination of three Cs i. e connectivity, corridor linkages and culture relationship between two countries. Whereas Pakistan and China, both societies are processing two entirely diverse social cultural and religious setup. Therefore, cultural harmony is prerequisite for the process of regional integration between Beijing and Islamabad.

    The undeniable significance of CPEC is also necessitating for the social integration and cultural assimilation for success. Due to social cultural and religious differences, cultural adaptation for Pakistanis seems to be difficult.

    The topic investigates a study of impediments and implications of migration through the CPEC towards Pakistan. This paper is unique because the two entirely diverse cultures would be keenly observed in the connection of "Greater Connectivity" initiative.

    Highlighting, Pakistan as a crucial country who has although welcoming the other diverse cultures too but remain unable to adopt them.

  2. CPEC and Two Diverse Cultures

    Both China and Pakistan possess two diverse cultures due to social cultural and religious differences, cultural adaptation for Pakistanis seems to be difficult. Two diverse countries culture is based on their ideology and religion which is quite distant from each other. China possesses the qualities of a socialist society with Confucian norms and its cultural life based on Buddhism and atheism, while Pakistani culture is based on totally Islamic values. With the implementation of COEC, some cultural integration efforts are made as follow.

    1. Confucius Institutes in Pakistan

      The Confucius Institutes of China are not having extensive history. In April 2005, Confucius...

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