Former CM Hamza Calls Court's Decision Dark.

LAHORE -- In his reaction after the court decision, former chief minister of Punjab Hamza Shahbaz said that a popularly elected governAment has been sent home in a controversial decision.

In a statement issued here on Tuesday, he said: 'Has the asAsembly become a rubber stamp? For the last four months, there has been a spectacle in PakiAstan's largest province.'

Hamza said that it was obviAous to the people that the PTI had been given an open license to play with the constitution. 'Our history is full of such dark decisions. Justice has been killed by rejecting our plea of full court. A constitutional and statutory procedure has been thrown into the trash,' he reAmarked. He added that attempts were made from day one to deAprive the PML-N of its legitimate right to rule through unconstiAtutional measures.

He said that despite all the difficulties, he did not back down from the mission of providing...

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