Foreign sales of cotton waste


Karachi: PAKISTAN is now increasingly exploiting commercial value of cotton waste, thanks to broader use of improved technology in ginning and cotton yarn making that allows accurate separation of bulk and minute wastage.A Karachi based exporter of cotton waste products told Daily The Pak Banker that Pakistan exports cotton and cotton yarn waste to a number of countries, most notably to China, Hong Kong, US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherland and Russia and earns about $75-$100 million a year.He said that exports of cotton and cotton yarn waste to China are estimated to have doubled and crossed $20 million mark in FY13 because in Chinese ginning factories, the percentage of wastage is lower than in Pakistan and Chinese traders import, our cotton and yarn wastages to use them in machine cleaning industry and also for making value-added products.Cotton ginning waste is also being used in some countries in building materials like wall boards, insulation boards, shingles, cinder blocks etc. But in Pakistan lack of investment required to turn cotton gin waste into building material continues to impede progress in this direction. In some countries like US and China, cotton gin waste has also been used as material for manufacturing of three-dimensional molded composite boards for use as decorative doors, furniture pieces, cabinets, etc.But in Pakistan such things are not done even on experimental basis because of the lack of financial and technological resources. Wooden furniture makers say that a combination of cotton ginning waste, wooden...

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