Foreign investment.

Byline: Saad Gul-Virginia, USA

THIS is with reference to the report 'Golf club corruption case accused seek acquittal under new NAB law' (Oct 27). I have followed this issue closely for 20 years due to my keen interest in international standards that could pave the way for a progressive Pakistan. On my visits to Lahore, I noticed my golfer friends playing at the Gymkhana. The Railway Golf Course, despite its prime location, remained a crude facility mainly used by the railway staff.

This changed in the early 2000s when a 33-year lease for the 'princely' annual sum of Rs12 was cancelled by the Railway Board, which acted in line with the policy to commercialise such ventures to reduce railway losses and to curb encroachments.

Foreign investment led to a world class facility, popular with the people of Lahore. The facility generated Rs60 million annually for Pakistan Railways - a remarkable jump over the previous Rs12.

Obviously, the beneficiaries...

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