Food commodities valuing $4.277 bln exported in 10 months.

ISLAMABAD -- Food commodities valuing over $4.277 billion exported during 10 months of current financial year as compared the exports of $4.457 billion of corresponding period of last year.

During the period from July-April, 2022-23, the exports of food group from the country decreased by 4.04 percent as compared the same period of last year, according the data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.

In last 10 months, the exports of commodities which observed negative growth in their respective exports included rice 11.17 percent as it recorded at $1.822 billion compared the $2.051 billion, fruits and vegetables 43.46 percent and 2.49 percent and registered at $232.700 million and $261.980 million against the exports of $411.558 million and 268.666 million of same period last year.

The export of food commodities, which witnessed increase during the period under review included fish and fish preparations 16.22 percent as fish and fish products valuing $406.090 million exported as compared the exports of $349.429 million.

Meanwhile, tobacco worth $55.970 million also exported during the period under review as compared the exports of $44.295 million of same period last year. The exports of tobacco posted about 26.36 percent increase as...

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