Flurry of meetings hints at key decisions to come.

ISLAMABAD -- As Army Chief Gen Qamar Bajwa's date of retirement draws closer, the concerned stakeholders are already at work, mulling potential options that they believe would best protect their interests.Hectic consultations are underway in Rawalpindi, London, and Lahore and the next few days are very crucial, according to political sources.The most important of these meetings took place in Rawalpindi, where the army's corps commanders met at the General Headquarters on Tuesday. The meeting was presided by Gen Bajwa.The session is a monthly fixture at GHQ, where the top brass discusses the internal and external security situation as well as professional matters. Two things made this meeting extremely important - the impending change of command in the army and the related debates, both within the institution and outside; and the tense political environment in the country.Absence of ISPR release after corps commanders' moot, PM Sharif's abrupt detour to London indicate events are unfolding at breakneck speedNo media statement was issued by ISPR, though, which has remained tight lipped on the matter despite intense speculation.Editorial: Unintelligent moveIt is rare for ISPR to not issue a press release on the corps commanders conference and only events over the coming days could provide hints about what decisions were taken.Gen Bajwa's short trip to Peshawar on Wednesday, where he stayed for a couple of hours and addressed officers and men of Peshawar corps, is being seen as part of his farewell visits to the formations. This shows that the general is sticking to his decision of leaving on Nov 29.Some retired officers insist that besides deliberations on the institutional process for the selection of Gen Bajwa's successor, the commanders discussed the political situation and unrelenting criticism of some of the officers by the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf.It is said that the army wants a de-escalation with the PTI before the transition takes place so that the new chief takes office in relatively settled times. Therefore, there is...

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