Flour prices go high in Karachi.


KARACHI -- Amid high inflation, the prices of flour went high in Karachi after the wheat socks fell short in Sindh, the reports say. Around Rs 4 to Rs6 have been increased per 40 kg flour in Karachi which caused huge panic among the local resident and citizens of Karachi. The reports said that Flour Mills Association Vice Chairman Chaudhary Amir said that the government did not allow them import of wheat which resulted in increase of flour prices.

He stated that only 4 hundred thousands ton stock of wheat had been left in Sindh while originally there was need of 15 hundred thousands of tons wheat for Sindh and Karachi people. Fine flour, with Rs 4 increase, is now available at Rs 54 while the other locally prepared wheat, with increase of Rs 6, is now available at Rs 60 per kilogram. The shortage of wheat and increasing prices of flour may create serious problem in...

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