Flooding Disrupts Land Link Of 200 Villages In Kachho.

DADU -- As many as 200 villages and rural communities' land link has disrupted with Dadu and Juhi owing to flooding in Nai Gaj and Nai Nali on Sunday. The flood stream was presently passing through Chhinni village and destined to be discharged to Manchhar Lake.

The land link of scores of villages and towns in Kachho including Chhinni, Wahi Pandhi, Haji Khan and Drigh Bala has been severed owing to flash floods. At least five persons including children have died in the area with gastroenteritis and diarrhea. People of Kachho visiting Juhi on boats to buy edibles and get medical treatment.

Balochistan and Sindh have seen uncharacteristically heavy rains during the monsoon season this year.

Another flow of water of flash floods from...

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