Flooded Manchhar Lake Dyke Breached To Save Jamshoro Population.

ISLAMABAD/KARACHI -- As the water level reached alarming level in Sindh's Manchhar Lake due to the heavy water inflow, a dyke of the reservoir was breached yesterday to release the water pressure and save the nearby populated areas of five union councils of Jamshoro district from further damages.

The released water will eventually reach River Indus, which is already in high flood, the peak of which has passed through Sukkur Barrage.

Jamshoro Deputy Commissioner Capt (retd) Fariduddin Mustafa has already issued evacuation orders for the people of the five UCs, saying that they should move out to safer places.

The Sehwan Airport, an installation of an oil company as well as Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah's home village, are located in the five Union Councils of Bubak, Aarazi, Wahar, Jaffarabad and Channa.

'The next 24 to 48 hours are crucial for the Manchar Lake,' the deputy commissioner said, adding that there is pressure on the lake's dykes from reduced level 54 to 58.

According to Irrigation Special Secretary Jamal Mangan, the cut was located at reduced level-14 Yusuf Bagh, describing the move as a 'relief cut'.

According to the Sindh Irrigation Department, after the breach, the water will enter Indus River by passing through Kiranpur village and Indus Link and will reduce the pressure of water entering the lake by 30 percent.

Meanwhile, Sindh Information Sharjeel Inam Memon told the media that the embankment cut was made on experts' advice to save the district's Sehwan and Bhan Saeedabad towns.

'It was a difficult decision but it had to be taken,' he said. The minister said that approximately 125,000 people in the five union councils would be affected by the water released through this cut.

Speaking to journalists in Sehwan, Shah Chief Minister also said the controlled cut was made to divert water from Sehwan and to ease pressure on the lake.

'Even my house in Bajara has been inundated after floods entered my village earlier where my father was born and now my second village will be inundated by water flowing in the wake of this controlled cut,' he added.

He said that Sehwan city was being protected and work would be done at Indus Link to save Bhan Saeedabad.

On the other hand, pressure increased on ring embankments raised to protect Johi and Mehar cities from flooding. Residents were dumping stones and other flood-fighting materials to reinforce the dykes.

Matiari city and the National Highway are feared to be submerged as the gate...

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