Fish farm owners in Swat seek govt help for revival of business.

SWAT -- About 235 trout farms and hatcheries were destroyed by the recent flood, causing more than Rs1,100 million losses to farmers but the government ignored them completely, said Swat Trout Fish Farm Association president Mutwakil Khan.

He told local journalists that the August 2022 flood wreaked havoc with every sector, but it inflicted heavy losses on trout fish farms and hatcheries, constructed near the river and streams.

He appealed to the government and other organisations to extend financial support to farm owners to revive their business.

'The catastrophic floods destroyed about 235 trout fish hatcheries in different parts of Swat. Of these, 200 were completely destroyed while 35 were partially damaged in different parts of Swat. It incurred almost Rs1,100 million losses on the owners,' he said.

Flanked by owners of farms, he said that the trout fish of Swat was popular across the country. He said that the trout fish was not only enjoyed by tourists during their visit to Swat, but it was also supplied to big hotels and restaurants in different cities of the country.

'Hundreds of people are associated with...

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