First Pakistani woman elected to Lincoln's Inn body.

KARACHI -- Barrister Zahra S. Vayani has become the first Pakistani woman to be elected in the Bar Presentation Committee at Lincoln's Inn for four years where she will represent Pakistan.

Speaking to Dawn on Friday, two days after the results of the elections were announced, a very happy Barrister Vayani explained that the Lincoln's Inn Bar Representative Committee was the only category allowed for candidates from all over the world including the United Kingdom, who happened to have studied law at Lincoln's Inn. 'I am a barrister at law from Lincoln's Inn, from where the Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinah, too, had passed his law exams,' she said.

About the elections, she explained that they take place annually for a four-year tenure. 'This time it was unprecedented as 19 people, including men and women, from all over the world ran in the same category where some six were to be elected this time and over 1,300 voted for their candidates online,' she said.

Barrister Vayani is currently practicing in Pakistan. She runs her own law firm by the name of...

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