First-ever educational documentary on rare flying squirrel filmed in Pakistan.

PESHAWAR -- An amazing nature survivalist and wildlife rescuer who also operates an educational YouTube channel `Wild Rush' to create awareness about conservation of indigenous wild species, has claimed filming of first ever documentary on rare flying squirrel in Pakistan.

Hailing from Bahawalpur district, Abdul Rehman owns a tea stall at a rural settlement in his hometown, but passionate love for nature and wildlife has made him an amazing nature survivalist and wildlife rescuer who, along with his team members, have saved around 10,000 venomous species including snakes and scorpion in Cholistan desert during the last one decade.

For filming documentary on flying rodent, Rehman traveled along with his crew to Kashmir from Bahawalpur on his own expense and spent five days and four nights in dense forest for capturing a cleaver and tricky nocturnal specie which mostly spend times on trees.

In the eight minutes and 33 seconds long video documentary, Rehman displayed all body texture of the rare wild specie from its long dangerous incisor teeth to woolly tail and patagium that helps the rodent to fly or glide from one tree to another.

Rehman said it was very difficult to catch the squirrel because the specie became active at night, but his consistent efforts, patience and guidance of locals helped him trap the animal for display in the video and later was released in natural habitat.

The video is recorded within dense forest from location where the squirrel was trapped for recording of video.

The flying squirrel is scientifically known as `Eoglaucomys fimbriatus' and also as `Kashmir flying squirrel' that belongs to `Sciuridae' family.

In Pakistan, three kinds of flying squirrel are found including Red Giant, Kashmir flying squirrel and Woolly flying squirrel, explains Rehman in the video.

In local Kashmiri language, Kashmir squirrel is called as `Khris' and in Urdu it is named as `Urran Guleri', The nocturnal rodent search for food during night and spend most of its time on trees of walnut, he added.

The flying squirrel likes moist temperature where rainfall is in plenty and can be found mostly on Pine, Oak and on Walnut trees. It makes nest on top of the trees in bowl shape and its breeding season starts with onset of summer season.

The rare squirrel has two litters per breeding season, giving birth to two to four babies which also reach to full size by early November in the beginning of the winter season.

The average length of flying...

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