Finance division proposes names for post of NBP board director.

Islamabad -- Excluding the additional secretary's name from the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) board, the Finance Division on Monday asked the federal cabinet to appoint an independent director for three years out of three proposed names.

Sources said that Finance Division has shortlisted Sarwar Iqbal, Kusheed Kotwal and Muhammad Farhan Malik for the post of independent director on NBP's board.

The division has evaluated the candidates for the said position after confirming that the said persons have served on most management positions of banks and companies during their careers whereas the SBP has initially cleared all three persons.

The names of the above mentioned professional bankers are also part of the data bank maintained by the Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance (PICG).

Sources said that the Cabinet, in its meeting held in May 2021, had directed the Finance Division to reconsider the nomination of...

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