Film released to promote good eye health in children.

ISLAMABAD -- While over two million children are already locked out of learning due to the devastating floods of 2022, the impact of poor eye health will further affect child development and can lead to children missing school.

However, a large number of parents avoid purchasing glasses for their children especially for daughters just because of societal stigmas associated with wearing glasses.

An international development organisation, Sightsavers, said it would use art to ensure good eye health for children because the impact of poor eye health will only increase the number of out of school children.

The organisation said over four million children in Pakistan were estimated to have 'uncorrected refractive error (URE)', which included short and long-sightedness.

Sightsavers' initiative includes training teachers in basic eye health screening

URE refers to refractive errors that could be corrected with spectacles.

'Noor', a film starring Sarwat Gillani and Umair Rana, was released by Sightsavers at a ceremony held here on Saturday.

The film reflects these issues, and revolves around a schoolgirl struggling with poor eye health and problems associated with it. It also focuses on the need to challenge societal stigmas associated with wearing glasses.

Parliamentary Secretary for Education and Professional Training Zeb Jaffar was the chief guest. She appreciated efforts in focusing on the important issue of eye health and linking it to educational outcomes and said governments need to contribute and do their best for the future generations.

She ensured her commitment to work in coordination with the health ministry to address the issues of URE, early identification of eye problems and its treatment at school level.

Munazza Gillani, Country Director at Sightsavers, said: 'Social drama films do more than raise awareness, they draw you into the story and lives of the characters. They can soften and dissolve barriers and...

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