FII Institute CEO highlights global impact, achievements as FII7 nears.

RIYADH -- The eagerly awaited 7th edition of the Future Investment Initiative (FII7) is set to kick off in Riyadh from October 24 to 26, bringing together a diverse array of participants from over 90 countries.

According to SPA, FII Institute Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Richard Attias, shedding light on the initiative's remarkable contributions and the impact on the global stage, underscored FII's role as a catalyst for global investments.

He revealed that a staggering $120 billion in investments have transpired during FII past seven years through agreements, contracts, and deals struck. He emphasized that FII acts as a bridge, connecting company CEOs with young entrepreneurs and startups, enabling them to secure vital funding for business growth and job creation.

He said one of the core tenets of FII's mission is to facilitate worldwide dialogues on pressing global issues, including climate change, space exploration, and artificial intelligence. The FII7 event, themed "New Compass," is poised to become a global conversation hub for individuals seeking guidance on geographical and sector-specific investments in an increasingly unpredictable world.

"The FII7 is a global conversation in the Kingdom. It is a place where people need to gather to understand how they should invest for good in terms of geography and in terms of sectors," Attias stated.

He said the FII Institute places a significant emphasis on...

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