FIA official suspended for 'harassing' Afghan woman.

KHYBER -- A head constable of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) deployed at immigration checkpost at Torkham was suspended on Monday for harassing an Afghan woman.

An order, issued by the FIA director office in Peshawar, said that the action against the accused, Kamran Nawaz, was taken after the incident of harassment of an Afghan woman during immigration process was reported by assistant director of FIA immigration at Torkham.

The issue about the immoral act surfaced through a mobile video when an Afghan woman complained to an official of FIA. The unidentified Afghan woman was heard in the video saying that the accused repeatedly touched her body during the immigration process. The woman was seen crying while narrating her ordeal at the hands of the accused FIA sleuth.

Local human rights activists and labour union leaders a few days ago had also accused the FIA staff posted at Torkham of objectionable behaviour with Afghan women and also their involvement in human trafficking.


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