FIA apprehends 8,360 human traffickers in special crackdown in five years.

ISLAMABAD -- The results of Federal Investigation Agency's (FIA) countrywide special crackdown on human smugglers and traffickers have proved quite encouraging as 8360 such accused have been arrested in almost five years.

The Agency, making hectic efforts for identifying agents, facilitators and masterminds of illegal immigrants and rackets involved in such heinous crimes, initiated special campaign since 2014.

Sources at the Interior Division while listing steps being taken to curb human trafficking on Sunday said these included at immigration check-posts profiling of passengers as per SOPs and proper off-loading of passengers on incomplete documents after proper screening and detention and arrest of passengers on fake/forged documents.

As per year-wise details, the sources said during 2014, FIA arrested 785 human smugglers and traffickers, 1,095 in 2015, 1,604 in 2,016, 2,201 in 2017 and 2,675 human smugglers and traffickers were nabbed during 2018.

Thanks to continuous campaigns, the number of arrests of human smugglers and traffickers was increasing with each passing year. The sources said second-check counters have been established to thoroughly examine traveling documents and officers, having experience and good competency, are deputed there.

Moreover, training sessions by foreign Immigration Liaison experts are also arranged regularly for capacity building of FIA immigration officers, who also make use of online visa verification links for validation of visas.

Highlighting the steps regarding human intelligence, the sources quoted the use of advance technology like Integrated Border Management System (IBMS) at all the FIA immigration check-posts and entry/exit points.

The other steps are usage of Edison system for forgery detection, UV light, magnifying glass, scanners and CCTV cameras.

The FIA staff can verify travel history of passengers from IBMS and compare a passenger with live picture in system in case of any doubt of impersonation.

At the institutional level, the sources said establishment of Anti-Human Trafficking Circles and police stations in five FIA zonal directorates have been ensured to...

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