FFOP to engage religious mobilisers for nature conservation in Pakistan.

ISLAMABAD -- The Faith for Our Planet (FFOP) on Tuesday announced that the it would engage religious mobilisers of all faiths in the country to educate and motivate masses for nature conservation through religious guidance and teachings.

In a joint presser here the International Coordinator for FFOP Shiraz Ahmad, former IG Forest Ministry of Climate Change Syed Mehmood Nasir, Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS) Kazakhstan Director Operation Dr Ismail Abdelhamid, Allama Mohsin Naqvi, Pakistani Hindu Pandit and Community Leader Haroon Sarab Diyal and renowned Climate Activist and Environmentalist Dr Afia Salam presented the outcomes of the two-day workshop in the federal capital and cooperation with the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board for the biodiversity preservation in Margalla Hills National Park.

Famour sufi singer, poet and musician, CEO Art Langer Aerib Azhar sang his poem Qatra Qatra Jama Kiya (drop by drop collected for...) to entertain the participants and highlight environmental protection through his poetry.

International Coordinator FFOP Shiraz Ahmad informed the media about the purpose, scope and vision of the FFOP and the outcomes of its first ever workshop on climate change in Pakistan.

He said the FFOP was an international organization of interfaith coalition with a network of various religious leaders of different faiths.

Ahmad said that Pakistan was at the front line of climate change and facing environmental degradation in the shape of rising temperature, floods, droughts, heatwaves, rising sea levels and others. "FFOP has been seeded by Muslim World League which is the world's largest Muslim NGO," he added.

FFOP was established to create a grassroots culture to understand the climate change with the help of faith leaders through cross community engagement, Ahmad said.

Hindu Pandit Haroon Sarab Diyal welcomed the FFOP for taking initiative for addressing climate change and nature conservation.

It was the pressing need to take different faiths and their followers to take them on board for environmental conservation as the country was facing serious impacts of climate change, he added.

"FFOP has started it's efforts with the support of academia, government, experts and took all them on board in collaboration with the IIUI, RSPN, IRD, and others", he added.

Diyal mentioned that the two-day workshop had fruitful discussions with gender balance maintained in all its sessions.

"We want to...

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